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Shanghai Langtuo Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.was founded in 2007, is a high -tech company focusing on manufacturing commercial refrigeration equipment. Langtuo's first manufacturing plant was built in 2007, which is located in Shanghai -one of the most dynamic economic trade zones in the world. After 15 years of fast development, the company has grown up to a size of 30000 sqm including three factories—Other factories are located in Taizhou city, Jiangsu & Chengdu, Sichuan--with a total population of over 400 employees. Additionally, approved by 1S09001:2015 management and ETL、CE、DOE、NSF and Energystar. etc.
Langtuo has sufficient experiences working with a number of global leading refrigeration equipment companies in more than 70 countries worldwide and gain numerous OEM & ODM customers that have been enjoying fantastic quality & service, which enables us to acquire abundant information and experiences that offer us the ability to integrate and absorbing various advanced technologies in the realm and then helping our customers with innovative products and professional services in a way of more efficient and fast-reacting. ln addition, we are more than able to provide our customers with the best professional systemic solutions for equipment in all directions. Welcome to contact us.

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The finished goods are then transported to a vast packaging and storage area until being dispatched.